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GBU/Linux distributions recommended by Free Software Foundation Dragora, Dyne, Guix, Hyperbola, Parabola, PureOS, Trisquel, Ututo S.

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Problems when pausing and playing audio using Shotcut? When playing it again the audio is forwarded?

To solution this, right button over audio track and click on “Properties”. There you must click on “Convert to Edit-friendly…”. After a job process is done, a file “.mov” will be created. This file will be the audio which you … Seguir leyendo

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Do you want to improve, or just refresh your developer skills?   helps people learn to code for free! Enjoy

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¿Borrar Microsoft Windows e instalar GNU Linux?

A. Si usted es un Usuario de Oficina/Hogar, que lo va a usar como ordenador de propósito general para navegar, emails, documentos, retoque de imágenes, mensajería instantánea y hojas de cálculo, que no es informático, ni personal de IT ni … Seguir leyendo

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Why actually is updatable and automatically the BIOS from the OS with Internet?

I remember when the BIOS was difficult to update and user or administrator rarely did because it was not necessary (Why nowadays yes?!). Since I got my last laptop and I replaced Windows with Ubuntu (OS in which Richard Stallman … Seguir leyendo

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Conocer el tamaño de una carpeta y sus archivos en consola (terminal) linux. ¡ Comando du !

du -shc *  

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