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Eliminar ruido con un cable de audio balanceado.

El cable simétrico (o balanceado) se inventó para resolver un problema fundamental en la transmisión sonora:  la interferencia externa (por ejemplo la interferencia eléctrica) presente en el exterior del cable. Eliminar la interferencia desde la raíz es físicamente imposible, por lo tanto hay que buscar una alternativa … Seguir leyendo

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Do you really think that Microsoft Windows is good? Well, this car is not using it because uses…Linux! Cadillac Halo Concept InnerSpace

More info and videos of this impressive car here Do you imagine yourself doing an «apt update» from the Linux terminal inside this vehicle? Crazy or not? No necessary more words… Enjoy!

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Zero-Energy Devices. Does it mean not necessary to charge? Charge for free?

It seems that it would be charged by waves from the close environment, without cable…from Network operator? Routers? Antennas? Satelites? Repeaters? But for free? Will we be fried like a fried chicken? Or at least our skin tone will be … Seguir leyendo

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Is your rechargeable USB battery AA not working? Wait, there may be life after the dead…

Problem: when is charging, connected to USB port battery, its light is always blue. But Multi-meter shows 0V, no energy. Solution, 2 actions: I hope this will work for you and avoid unnecessary rubbish and a failed bought 🙂 Enjoy! … Seguir leyendo

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¿Quieres usar una fuente de alimentación para cargar una batería?

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Los celulares que puedes desarmar y reparar tú mismo.

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Have you headphones stopped working? Look at this

It was just a unsoldered cable! I was using my headphones connected to the laptop meanwhile I was mounting some structure by hand in my desktop…when without pretending it, I accidentally yanked the cord of my headphones. It was not … Seguir leyendo

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Developing Qubits: Building a Quantum Computer’s Core

A qubit, or quantum bit, is the fundamental unit of quantum information in quantum computing. It is the quantum equivalent of the classic binary bit, which is physically realized with a two-state device. A qubit is a two-state quantum mechanical … Seguir leyendo

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Dell XPS 13 9350 bought on SEPTEMBER 2016. CPU in problems running at 400MHz and explanation of its solution. Review and status of the product after five years (2016-2021).

1) RESUME: BIOS fixed laptop processor speed to 400Mhz (Normally runs at 2600Mhz) because it detects (I guess) battery had already too many charges (wasted, close to die) and needs to be replaced. But the reality was that the female … Seguir leyendo

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3D printer utility

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