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Así es la primera placa base de Rusia para sus CPU Baikal de 48 Cores

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Boston Dynamics…yes! It uses Linux!

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Add graphic card 16x to a Dell PowerEdge T310 Systems and play games in a powerfull and robust server device

Do you have a old server which has not slot for a graphic card? The CHIPAL VER-006C adaptor I bought solved that for me: The CHIPAL vertical card VER006C PCI-E extensor 006C PCIE 1X- o 16X of 60CM-100CM Cable made … Seguir leyendo

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¿ Te acuerdas cuando los primeros teléfonos móviles tenían puerto de infrarrojos y podías cambiar de canal cualquier televisor ? Pues flipa con flipper (FlipperZero), ¡el nuevo gadget para eso y mucho más! Y ya de paso, ¿por qué no añadir esta electrónica a los smartphones y/o portátiles? ¿Demasiada promiscuidad everywhere? Enjoy!

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¡Boston Dynamics…! ¡me gusta esa terminal! ¡Abajo el Micro$oft y el Kill Gates! ¡Linux «era» is comming strong and solid!

Y esto es lo que ya hace (o nos dicen que hace, quizá está aún más avanzado de lo que parece ) C3PO ATLAS HD-01: Robots everywhere in 3,2,1…

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We already were suspicious about the unhealthy of the WiFi waves, but…also are we spied by them? They detect our bodies and movements as minimum.

The idea of ​​seeing through walls has been with us for many years . It is thanks to WiFi , which allows people and movements to be detected using the variations of the signals when colliding with objects and bodies. But what some time ago was … Seguir leyendo

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Eliminar ruido con un cable de audio balanceado.

El cable simétrico (o balanceado) se inventó para resolver un problema fundamental en la transmisión sonora:  la interferencia externa (por ejemplo la interferencia eléctrica) presente en el exterior del cable. Eliminar la interferencia desde la raíz es físicamente imposible, por lo tanto hay que buscar una alternativa … Seguir leyendo

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Do you still really think that Microsoft Windows is good? Well, this car is not using it because uses…Linux! Cadillac Halo Concept InnerSpace

More info and videos of this impressive car here Do you imagine yourself doing an «apt update» from the Linux terminal inside this vehicle? Crazy or not? No necessary more words… Enjoy!

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Zero-Energy Devices. Does it mean not necessary to charge? Charge for free?

It seems that it would be charged by waves from the close environment, without cable…from Network operator? Routers? Antennas? Satelites? Repeaters? But for free? Will we be fried like a fried chicken? Or at least our skin tone will be … Seguir leyendo

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Is your rechargeable USB battery AA not working? Wait, there may be life after the dead…

Problem: when is charging, connected to USB port battery, its light is always blue. But Multi-meter shows 0V, no energy. Solution, 2 actions: I hope this will work for you and avoid unnecessary rubbish and a failed bought 🙂 Enjoy! … Seguir leyendo

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