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Do you want to improve, or just refresh your developer skills?   helps people learn to code for free! Enjoy

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Java Design Patterns

Design Patterns are general reusable solution to commonly occurring problems. These are the best practices, used by the experienced developers. Patterns are not complete code, but it can use as a template which can be applied to a problem. In … Seguir leyendo

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R Programming language

After a mini-training at #codeSchool with #R, I conclude with a good feeling because of the abstraction level and the possibilities with statistics (Before, was pending algebra in my agenda. Now also, remember all the statistics I forgot….now, more and more, I … Seguir leyendo

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¿Quieres empezar a programar con Django?

* Tutoriales: Principal: Getting started: el apartado Advanced tutorial: How to write reusable apps the lo puedes saltar Models: QuerySets: Related objects: URLs: Class-Based views: Function views: Forms: Forms and models: … Seguir leyendo

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