Así es la primera placa base de Rusia para sus CPU Baikal de 48 Cores

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ELISA, la herramienta de ciberseguridad del CNI…que también espía a los ciudadanos…¿quién votó sobre esto y después lo aprobó?

…una «herramienta de cibervigilancia que pretende facilitar la monitorización de fuentes abiertas, así como el perfilado de medios y entidades de redes sociales»… 

Más información aquí:

Desde el sosiego, calma, tranquilidad, en voz baja, sin llamar la atención, sin exlamaciones: fuck the system.


Anuncio publicitario
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Programmable Lego 45678

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Do you need an pdf reader for your Android smartphone? This is the one

Avoid alerts, publicity, ads, and any annoying behaviour. Download Google PDF Viewer apk, the one with this red icon…and avoid others which will make lose your time and energy.

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Boston Dynamics…yes! It uses Linux!

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Add graphic card 16x to a Dell PowerEdge T310 Systems and play games in a powerfull and robust server device

Do you have a old server which has not slot for a graphic card? The CHIPAL VER-006C adaptor I bought solved that for me:

The CHIPAL vertical card VER006C PCI-E extensor 006C PCIE 1X- o 16X of 60CM-100CM Cable made possible to plug my ASUS R7240-2GD3-L Radeon R7 240 2 GB GDDR3 into a Dell PowerEdge T310 Systems. So I reused this robust and high quality device into an usable PC (In my opinion very durable one, because the chassis box quality is not even comparable to a normal or modded PC- BOX)

Also I connected it to a Apple Cinema Display 27″, what is another old device which a normal user could just waste it throwing to the garbage.

What difficulties I have had to solve?

I have needed a VGA monitor to start. Dell PowerEdge T310 has integrated in motherboard a graphic card very simple using VGA connector and its BIOS detects the CHIPAL adaptor but it will not use it to show BIOS program. Dell BIOS does not use CHIPAL during the boot, but CHIPAL adaptor is recognised by this. In first photo it is the BIOS before plug-in the CHIPAL, and in the second the BIOS after CHIPAL is connected. In the rest of the photos is visible the integrated graphic card in motherboard (Matrox) and the graphic card plugged into Chipal adapter (ATI).

After W10 recognised and configured CHIPAL+GRAPHIC CARD+2nd Display I could unplug VGA Monitor.

So right now I am testing some games to check if the connection PCI-E 1x to 16X does an important «bottle-neck» or is is affordable detail. After finishing probably I will update this post.


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Websites accessing to smartphone sensors? (accelerometer)

Spoiler of this post (I want to save your time): Smartphone browser working with accelerometer in this webpage: Please notice that when you read this, webpage could have changed, standards, code, etc.

Recently I acquired a new smartphone (same model than my previous one, but refurbished. Happy with that) and installed the proper Lineage OS.

The surprise was when I was browsing with my old smartphone in this webpage (Browsing with Chrome browser and with an old version of Lineage OS. I double checked with Brave browser and bubbles were not moving) and I noticed that the bubbles where moving according to the smartphone movement of my hand-arm, probably…throw the sensor of the accelerometer? (Since many years ago I knew that the pointer of mouse in PC, and then the tap with finger in mobiles always has been possible to be tracked by the developer of the site, but although it can seem obvious that the device movement too, I never was so conscious like right now experimenting this effect of the bubbles.)

It is the first time I feel that a smartphone, a program, a website, a company, and at the end, other people can know this information about me in real time (Of course GPS is the master about localisation). Sincerely, the possible listener about my data would not get anything interesting, but somehow I would like that my privacy will be mine, if is in my hand. (Although the most of the times I do not care about this because in the jungle of Internet I have not chance to control what is shown or not by other people, bots, bugs…So I prefer to keep calm and cold, and just flow)

So apart that for checking if your smartphone browser has access to the accelerometer of your device, this web page can help to you to develop some nice CSS-JS effects like these bubbles, or what your powerful brain could create:


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¿ Te acuerdas cuando los primeros teléfonos móviles tenían puerto de infrarrojos y podías cambiar de canal cualquier televisor ? Pues flipa con flipper (FlipperZero), ¡el nuevo gadget para eso y mucho más!

Y ya de paso, ¿por qué no añadir esta electrónica a los smartphones y/o portátiles? ¿Demasiada promiscuidad everywhere?


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La Inteligencia Artificial haciendo de las suyas…¡Vaya realismo! Imagenes creadas por AI

¿Te imaginas cuando lleguemos al momento en que no diferiencemos lo que es real de lo que no? Pues ya te digo yo que pastillaza roja y el Internet a un rincón o al baúl de los recuerdos.

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Viber mobile bug vomited code

If you are one of those who like to improve the code of thirds breaking it, here is a clue for Viber.

Good luck and enjoy!

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