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How to repair a phone stand brand REMAX with threaded ring broken?

This post will help to you if your phone stand is unable to keep the smartphone in the position you want because this part is broken:

Solution: find a hose clamp (in my case 18-32 mm of diameter) and place it like this:

END. If you arrived until here you already could fix your stand. Then, congratulations.

To know more:

My story starts when being in the bed watching or hearing something, having the smartphone hold by the phone stand, the position I want for the phone is not stable and I try to tight the threaded ring with too much strength. I break it. I tried to fix it with tape, cable tie, duct tape, glue, super glue…with no luck. I gave up maybe a year ago or so, until yesterday I had the brilliant idea of a hose clamp.

I bought the cheapest hose clamp, the minimum units:

The model of my phone stand is: Remax RM-C21-detachable 360 rotación Flexible long arm. But I have seen same piece in another stand brands so, if same piece is broken you could fix it in the same way

I hope this information have been useful for you and you have managed to fix it in less time than me (I have had my stand broken and without use during a year more or less!).

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Aupa ITER Organization!

In this blog I only share my experiences about informatics in order you to take advantage of them (And sincerely, also to remember how I repaired or did something and not to get crazy looking again in Internet how to do it for second time.)

This post is an exception, and I want to share with you my interest for the ITER Organization. In Cadarache, France, it is being built a Fusion Reactor by so many countries, working all together, well coordinated, with same scope of producing sustainable cleaner energy.

But what takes more my attention is something I never saw before in speeches of companies, governments and other organizations in TV, newspapers, radio and mass media (Maybe because there was not Youtube and Internet like nowadays) It is the opened way they are explaining to all of us what they are doing, step by step, from human to human, with sincerity, honesty, calm and naturalness. There is not greediness, selfishness, internal rivalry…it is just a group of people looking for a benefit for the humanity.

Although in some way, it can be a very scary project…the temperature of the sun in the earth…and does not matter is you are living close or far of France, if Tokamak farts every living being will notice it. The question is if there would be a second fart.

Any case I just paste my favourite speeches I watched till now for you:


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Multiple PDF files to reduce their size using Ubuntu? Ghostscript!

Open a bash console and in the folder of the PDF files create a file and copy paste this script:

for input in *.pdf ; do
gs \
-o Analisis-${input} \
-sDEVICE=pdfwrite \
-dCompatibilityLevel=1.4 \
-dPDFSETTINGS=/ebook \

Execute the file ‘./nameOfFile’

Done! We have finished!

More details:

In my case I reduced 50 PDF files in few seconds, each one aprox. from than 2.5MB per file to 400KB aprox. Now, the website where I wanted to upload them let me do it, it had a limit of 2MB per file.

A: PDF files before reduce their size.

B: Same PDF files after reducing their size. Notice that each file name is modified adding prefix “Analisis-“, just to differentiate.

1: The script which will reduce the PDF files size as batch process. The script is localized at same folder where PDF files are.

2: Execution of the script.

Yellow rectangles: Indication of the same PDF file before reduction and after reduction (2.5MB 0_25102002.pdf to 424KB Analisis-0_25102002.pdf)

GhostScript and Artifex Software saved my time and electricity! Many thanks!

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WiBACK emplea una arquitectura centralizada, con un controlador de red que hereda la inteligencia del sistema. Este controlador configura la red. Controla y gestiona los nodos WiBACK, los enlaces de radio establecidos entre estos y todo el tráfico que se ejecuta en la red. Se necesita un controlador por red.

A continuación se muestra un ejemplo de una red típica. Los enlaces suelen tener entre 1 y 20 km y se proporcionan varios puntos con varios servicios. Dado que no hay línea de visión (LOS) entre algunos de esos puntos, se implementan adicionalmente nodos de confianza alimentados por energía solar.

Debido a la autoconfiguración de WiBACK, el despliegue de una red WiBACK es extremadamente fácil y no requiere personal capacitado especial. Además de montar los nodos, apuntar las antenas y, si es necesario, conectar las células solares, todo lo demás lo hace el controlador WiBACK.

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Bitcoin, ¡¿protocolo del dinero?! (desde 2013?)


TCP: Transmisión de datos orientado a la conexión

IP: Direcciones de dispositivos informáticos dentro de una red.

FTP: Transferencia de ficheros.

SMTP: Protocolo del correo electrónico

HTTP: Protocolo para la navegación de webs

UDP: Transmisión de datos no orientado a la conexión

DNS: Protocolo de los nombres de dominio

TLS/SSL: Protocolos de seguridad criptográfica.


(IOTA: Protocolo de contabilidad distribuida industrial, del internet de las máquinas. No tiene nada que ver con las finanzas)

(LoRaWAN: Protocolo de red inalámbrica)

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GBU/Linux distributions recommended by Free Software Foundation

Dragora, Dyne, Guix, Hyperbola, Parabola, PureOS, Trisquel, Ututo S.

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Richard Stallman!

(Geoestrategias de big-data, control de la libertad. Software libre y educación. Dr Wim Dierckxsens y Dr. Richard Stallman)

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¿Conoces Magnatune?

Es una distribuidora de música por internet que te permite escuchar gratis incluso promocionar tu música si eres creador. Fue fundada por John Buckman en 1994, para más información visita su artículo de wikipedia en inglés

Categorías musicales: popular, new, classical, rock, new age, electronica, world, ambient, jazz.

Su lema es: Somos una discográfica. Pero no somos malvados

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Problems when pausing and playing audio using Shotcut? When playing it again the audio is forwarded?

To solution this, right button over audio track and click on “Properties”. There you must click on “Convert to Edit-friendly…”.

After a job process is done, a file “.mov” will be created. This file will be the audio which you can edit without the problems when pausing. Remove the audio track and add a video one with that file “.mov”.


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