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Boston Dynamics…yes! It uses Linux!

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Add graphic card 16x to a Dell PowerEdge T310 Systems and play games in a powerfull and robust server device

Do you have a old server which has not slot for a graphic card? The CHIPAL VER-006C adaptor I bought solved that for me: The CHIPAL vertical card VER006C PCI-E extensor 006C PCIE 1X- o 16X of 60CM-100CM Cable made … Seguir leyendo

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Websites accessing to smartphone sensors? (accelerometer)

Spoiler of this post (I want to save your time): Smartphone browser working with accelerometer in this webpage: Please notice that when you read this, webpage could have changed, standards, code, etc. Recently I acquired a new smartphone (same … Seguir leyendo

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Rooting in Linux Samsung Galaxy S7 G930F, TWRP, LINEAGEOS

Spolier: This post is just an amount of «logs» about a hard problem I had and how it was solved. Here I share with you my experience about it. This post is just to help to you to save time … Seguir leyendo

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Do you still really think that Microsoft Windows is good? Well, this car is not using it because uses…Linux! Cadillac Halo Concept InnerSpace

More info and videos of this impressive car here Do you imagine yourself doing an «apt update» from the Linux terminal inside this vehicle? Crazy or not? No necessary more words… Enjoy!

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Use of Linux in Nasa space agency

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Dell XPS 13 9350 bought on SEPTEMBER 2016. CPU in problems running at 400MHz and explanation of its solution. Review and status of the product after five years (2016-2021).

1) RESUME: BIOS fixed laptop processor speed to 400Mhz (Normally runs at 2600Mhz) because it detects (I guess) battery had already too many charges (wasted, close to die) and needs to be replaced. But the reality was that the female … Seguir leyendo

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GBU/Linux distributions recommended by Free Software Foundation Dragora, Dyne, Guix, Hyperbola, Parabola, PureOS, Trisquel, Ututo S.

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Do you want to improve, or just refresh your developer skills?   helps people learn to code for free! Enjoy

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¿Borrar Microsoft Windows e instalar GNU Linux?

A. Si usted es un Usuario de Oficina/Hogar, que lo va a usar como ordenador de propósito general para navegar, emails, documentos, retoque de imágenes, mensajería instantánea y hojas de cálculo, que no es informático, ni personal de IT ni … Seguir leyendo

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