What is curve.fi ?

Curve uses Stablecoins. When it was discussed how it was going to evolute the World Reserve, the World Fiat Reserve, the dollar was considered deprecated because there is a country, and it is based on war. So it was considerated to create another new Reserve, with a new World Reserve coin based on a basket or group of currencies. So curve .fi is the idea of new Reserve composed of a group of stablecoins. Then, a owner-customer would not only play with a stablecoin or another stablecoin, otherwise with a pool of stablecoins which would be balanced with theirselves. And here is the complexity.

Notice the old theme design, I am not sure because it was already old or the creators decided to imitate an old style.

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Arte creado por Inteligencia Artificial en wombo.art

Accede a wombo.art, escribe una frase y elige un estilo. Tras unos segundos la pieza de arte será generada. En mis pruebas, misma frase y estilo para los tres primeros dibujos.

Me sorprende la indiferencia o no aprecio cuando he compartido esto con personas supuestamente entendidas en arte, ya que al parecer, si ha sido una máquina la creadora no parece tener valor suficiente o mérito. No entiendo entonces cómo no infravaloran igualmente pinturas hechas con pincel, paleta y lienzo al compararlas con pinturas rupestres… ¿Es que no tiene mérito el creador de la IA que hace estas pinturas?¿Es que no se comprende que la herramienta para dibujar es diferente, nueva, o moderna? ¿Miedo a lo desconocido?

Espero que wombo.art os guste tanto como a mí, ya que, como mínimo es una gran fuente creadora de tarjetas postales originales para felicitaciones (digitales o en papel)

Hurrengora arte!

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Dell XPS 13 9350 bought on SEPTEMBER 2016. CPU in problems running at 400MHz and explanation of its solution. Review and status of the product after five years (2016-2021).


BIOS fixed laptop processor speed to 400Mhz (Normally runs at 2600Mhz) because it detects (I guess) battery had already too many charges (wasted, close to die) and needs to be replaced. But the reality was that the female connector for the charger cable, inside of the laptop, is broken, and because of this there is movement what does several connects-disconnects of the electricity per day. The BIOS just does not know that battery wasn’t really wasted, supposing full discharges-charges, and makes my laptop unusable to protect my working time reducing processor speed to minimum ().


CPU running all the time at minimum speed, 400Mhz.


Replacement of DC Power Jack in Cable Harness 0P7G3 ( for
Dell XPS 13 9343 9350 9360 ) and discconectment of battery 20-30 seconds pressing power button (when disconnected )

0P7G3 sold By: EASWEL TECH Store (Alibaba.com Singapore E-Commerce Private Limited)

Reason of 0P7G3 damage (physically broken): User’s fault of care. I do frequent movement of the laptop from the table to another place in same room with cable connected and hanging.



Nightmare: I have to stopped working with Eclipse-Java during almost 3 weeks because a too slow laptop, meanwhile I got crazy looking for the cause of the problem.

When the user(me) notice something was going bad: The system is too slow. Unnability to continue working at the same rate (Eclipse with Java, browser with many tabs and several web platforms which require many regular quick refreshing ) Booting becomes too long, opening any program takes too many seconds, browsing with several tabs at same time is too slow, even loading a unique webpage is too slow.

First fix attempt: Like I did not care enough of the system and I installed all stuff what I found without care, and like Gnome 3 consumes too many resources, it is time to reinstall Operative System. So I install Debian 11 instead of Ubuntu, which I wanted to do since a lot of years after I read that Stallman did not recommend at all Ubuntu. Also there was the uncertainty about Debian by default would not have all drivers for modern laptops, nowadays not (just Wifi driver was needed to be cooked). But after new Debian installation Laptop is still same slow.

Second fix attempt: Research into BIOS for some indicator of malfunction. Only the warning about battery life was close to end. Already I wasted enormous amount of time, checking and unchecking options, looking on Internet, lots of slow reboots…and I did not get a clear indicator of the cause of slow laptop, just the battery warning… (Spoiler->)But, what a fucking abnormal decrepit human would decrease CPU speed just because of an old or wasted battery? Who is so stupid to suppose an user uses the laptop only with the battery and not with the charger? Who the hell would crash the work with a computer just because the battery might stop working? I really like Dell and it still is my favourite computer brand since many years, but this was a mistake and I have to spread in order they fix it and any other user will suffer this absurdity.

Third fix attempt: Sysadmin mode on. Suddenly I became into a System Admin and I start hardly to inspect the kernel indicators, cpu…with bash commands…frequency-info, cpufreq-info, cpufrequtils, cpufreq-set, cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_max_freq, cat /proc/cpuinfo

And then I find the right one, i7z, which shows me this:

analyzing CPU 0:
driver: intel_pstate
CPUs which run at the same hardware frequency: 0
CPUs which need to have their frequency coordinated by software: 0
maximum transition latency: Cannot determine or is not supported.
hardware limits: 400 MHz – 3.40 GHz
available cpufreq governors: performance powersave
current policy: frequency should be within 400 MHz and 3.40 GHz.
The governor «powersave» may decide which speed to use
within this range.
current CPU frequency: Unable to call hardware
current CPU frequency: 400 MHz (asserted by call to kernel)
boost state support:
Supported: yes
Active: yes

Then my next thought is: My motherboard or processor is damaged because of too much use, or a factory fail which appears after 2 years warranty, or just because shit happens, so bad luck for me. Perhaps some electronic motherboard or processor damage made that the BIOS put the processor to run at minimum speed…I am lost, but I already have the correct clue.

Fourth fix attempt: Begging (just reading) help in Dell Support forum. There I find a possible, incredible, bungler, and simple way to solve it, DISCONNECT THE BATTERY! What is the relation between CPU speed and an old battery??? What about working with charger cable connected without using battery??? Oh, what a frustration here…Come on…All my Dell machines were super computers in every aspect (Just exception with XPS 15z which had extremely poor chassis not in accordance with the often Dell quality) In this attempt I get the probe for the explanation about what the hell happened here. Because of moving my laptop from one place to another with the charger connected (cable all the time hanging) (And it is possible that some «strong» tug) I broke the plastic joint of the DC Power female Jack in Cable Harness 0P7G3 which translates into frequent interruptions in electricity supply to my laptop. And the BIOS counts each one…as fully (or countable) discharge-charge of batteryuntil It decides, without my consent, that my laptop needs a new battery and in order to protect my work when using only battery my CPU will run at minimum, 400Mhz (Multiplier x4).

Click here to watch a video in Odysee showing the too much movement of the charger cable because of broken jack

Fifth fix successful attempt: I order a new jack 0P7G3 and I decide to try disconnecting the battery during those 20-30 seconds (this last read in Dell forum) I have to replace the broken 0P7G3. So when I receive the piece, I open the laptop, I disconnect battery and I replace the jack (0P7G3 sold by: EASWEL TECH Store (Alibaba.com Singapore E-Commerce Private Limited). This attempt works good and my laptop returns to normality (Look at multiplier x25.72 and Real Current Frequency 2500Mhz ):

REVIEW AND STATUS OF THE PRODUCT AFTER FIVE YEARS (2016-2021): All working regularly fine all the time excepting this mentioned jack charger and cpu speed temporal malfunction caused by battery sensor, and maybe the unique real problematic mistake of this laptop is its touchpad, which rarely and randomly crashes, or moves the mouse pointer incorrectly. The carbon fiber of the palm rest lifts when accidentally contact is with the fingernails and not with the fingertips. For this same reason, the key also loses its black color and it appears transparent or white due to the LED below it.

BONUS: Some pictures of the inside of the laptop (motherboard) in case you want to see some card or device:

I hope my experience have been useful for you and you have saved time and energy with it. Hopefully you have gotten clues to solve your issue!


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¿Por qué Consensys es relevante?

Consensys ha hecho Metamask y está detrás de Ethereum

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Thank you Stellar!

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Las ideas: un «yo virtual» o «clon resurgido», ¿son sostenibles? ¿Por quién?

Con la idea fija de perdurar en el tiempo, trascender (quizá a alguien le pueda interesar…)…¿Qué se puede encontrar hoy en día nuevo que aporte a la causa?

  • Fotogametría, para la virtualización del exterior. (Smarthphone fotos + Blender ) (Unreal 5 + Smartphone video?) ( VRQGAN https://compvis.github.io/taming-transformers/ https://compvis.github.io/taming-transformers/poster/taming.pdf)
  • Radiografías, resonancias magnéticas, para el interior.
  • Voz (https://www.descript.com/lyrebird)
  • Mucha capacidad de procesamiento para constuir modelos 3D con IA y a partir de lo anterior.
  • ADN (Este es un campo que desconozco, ¿Quizá el mejor ADN sería el de las células madre?) (Creo recordar hay empresas que reciben ADN de la saliva o boca para, a través de la información genética, cruzarla en su base de datos con el de otras personas y determinar información hipotética de nuestro pasado)
  • Contenido y funcionamiento del cerebro (Recuerdos, cognición…constructo mental…)…Google, o alguna empresa propietaria de Backbone de Internet podría ya estar almacenando y procesando información. Sobre todo, video, audio y texto que introducimos de nuestra persona por Internet con nuestras cámaras, conversaciones, manejo de teclados o touchscreens…O las de otros. (Un concepto que podría estar relacionado: Diseño humano Herramienta (Tarot Cabala) (Me viene a la memoria un vídeo de Carme Huertas titulado «El Castillo de los Números» https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DmbbwW-aIY ) (Entrenador de almas con IA:https://alethea.ai/)
  • Lugares, escenas, que tendría de fondo el «yo virtual». A través de fotogametría y plataformas de realidad virtual como OVR https://www.ovr.ai/
  • Impresora 3D. Factores de crecimiento… (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8aFrXiqUI8)

Pero hay un obstáculo extra para conseguir esto…el tiempo. La apariencia cambia, la voz también, genética no lo sé, y el contenido mental también cambia (quizá algunos patrones o secuencias lógicas no…¿qué recuerdos elegir?) ¿Quién guarda todo lo anterior durante, no sé, 100 años? ¿Quién a partir de ahí crea el «Yo virtual o Clon resurgido»?

Espero te haya sido útil…(O sino mira Jurasic Park…) Aupa tú!

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Do you have an old photography and want to restore its scratches?

Try here:


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Iberian Signary

Search engine to locate sequences of the same characters in the corpus computerized in the Iberian language by computer scientist Joan Vilaseca:


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¿Qué es Staking o Stake? ¿Te has encontrado con Staking al crear una orden de venta?

STAKE: Bloqueo temporal de tus fondos para el apoyo de un proyecto, por el que puedes ser recompensado

Algo que me ha sorprendido y no me ha gustado mucho, ya que no lo esperaba (También es verdad que no me he leído libros sobre el tema antes de hacer nada) es que cuando recibí (Creo que le llaman Airdrop) tokens como BYTE o FOL, y creé una orden de venta para cada uno de ellos, me encontré con que la cantidad de BYTE y FOL que oferté quedaron bloqueadas, pero..!también empecé a recibir más FOL y más BYTE!

Esto me descolocó. Mientras ese par de ordenes de venta (Me lo quería quitar de encima todo ello) estaban pendientes de ejecutar, empecé a recibir más token FOL y más token BYTE, lo que me recordó exactamente a lo que en bolsa tradicional se conoce como «dividendo». Dividendo es la recepción parcial, o de una acción completa, proporcionalmente a lo que ya se tenía. Lo que me incomoda es que estos «dividendos» los recibo al hacer lo que parece ser Staking a la vez que hago una orden de venta. ¿Es Staking parte de una orden de venta? Tecnicamente estoy bloqueando los fondos en una venta….luego podría ser que si. Lo que no acabo de asimilar es que teniendo tokens de otros activos o assets (lo que en bolsa tradicional se llama «accionista», tener una participación), no reciba dividendo o remuneración. Y en cambio cuando hago una orden de venta, ya soy «accionista» de ese token y recibo dividendo…

No es que haya sido muy determinante ya que expongo más dudas de las que aclaro, pero igualmente espero te haya servido esta lectura.

Edición/actulaización de este post:

BYTE y FOL generan un % del BYTE y FOL que poseas automáticamente, sólo por tenerlo. Luego podría ser interesante acumular estos activos para luego por ejemplo hacer swaps a otros que te interesen más. O dicho de otra forma, no serría necesaria ninguna inversión para operar, simplemente esperar a que FOL y BYTE generen suficiente como para que empieces a hacer swaps.

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¿Qué es un NFT (Non Fungible Token)?

Algo así como un artículo digital único e irrepetible cuya propiedad está registrada en blockchain (En la cadena de bloques).

Por ejemplo:

NFT Rarible ANGRY SVINPACK 005. Game Edition. Made in Russia

No he comprado nunca un NFT, luego no tengo claro si el vídeo anterior es el propio NFT o la representación de una preventa de un NFT.

Espero te haya sido útil…

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