Odysee, Lbry, video format accepted. Command to convert your video

The scope of this post is, like almost all of the past ones in this blog, is to make easier to get the command to convert the video before upload to Odysee-Lbry platforms.

Please keep in mind that those platforms could already change this command recommended by them, so it might not be useful for the time you read this post.

I lost spent already time enough uploading my videos with error, trying it again, and finally found the command that Odysee-Lbry propose to convert video to their requirements. Now that I write this post I did not lose time uploading video, but yes looking for the command. So I write this note-post to get it as fast as possible. (Because I look into my blog-notebook)

ffmpeg -i input.avi -c:v libx264 -crf 21 -preset faster -pix_fmt yuv420p -maxrate 5000K -bufsize 5000K -vf 'scale=if(gte(iw\,ih)\,min(1920\,iw)\,-2):if(lt(iw\,ih)\,min(1920\,ih)\,-2)' -movflags +faststart -c:a aac -b:a 160k output.mp4

So if you found this information here and you saved time, glad for you, my secondary goal writing this was accomplished thanks to you.


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It could be the first video clip composed by images created by Artificial Intelligence

Already I wrote a note time ago about an AI creating art (images) from written words:

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Don’t you know what to build with your amount of Lego pieces? Try Brickit app !

With Brickit app is possible to get ideas about figures you can mount with the pieces of Lego you have. Just install the app, point the camera to the pieces you want to use for your future figure, and then Brickit will propose to you some ideas.



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¿Te gustaron las aventuras gráficas en 2D de los años 90? ¡Dráscula!

Si jugaste los Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle, Sam and Max Hit the Road, Full Throttle, Larry, Monkey Island, Grim Fandango…quizá se te pasó Dráscula en castellano (A mí por lo menos sí). Descargable en el momento que escribo esto desde los repositorios de Linux…(Y jugable en Linux…oh yeah!)

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Mineral molecules virtual museum in Internet


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Problema: Al realizar trámites a través de alguna página web del gobierno, el proceso Autofirma no funciona y la consola del navegador muestra este error:

Uncaught TypeError: dialog.showModal is not a function
    showModalDialog https://sede.sepe.gob.es/Registra/flows/formularioQuejasSugerencias?execution=e1s3:718
    firmar https://sede.sepe.gob.es/Registra/flows/formularioQuejasSugerencias?execution=e1s3:738
    onclick https://sede.sepe.gob.es/Registra/flows/formularioQuejasSugerencias?execution=e1s3:1

Solución: En firefox abrir una pestaña nueva, escribir about:config, localizar dom.dialog_element.enabled y habilitarlo.

He conseguido finalizar mi trámite gracias a esta modificación de la configuración del navegador Firefox.

Nota: Tengo conocimientos informáticos, no tengo problemas sensoriales, y tengo gran capacidad de persistencia. ¿Os imaginais un usuario común (sin conocimientos informáticos, legales, etc.), sin suficientes posibilidades ni capacidades, enfrentarse al sistema burocrático para hacer valer su derecho con semejantes obstáculos?

Después de intentar varias veces un recurso de alzada, esta solución desatascó mi proceso.


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Current stats of this Blog

Often I am only interested in writing posts in this blog mainly as I would write texts in a notebook as important information for myself, which can be accessible by me from the Internet in order to let me consult it from everywhere.

But if it can be useful for any user like you, then I am much happier.

I am not interested in the stats of the number of visitors, because if an unique post is useful for a unique user, I am already more than satisfied. But as an exception in this post, I want you to see the yearly visitors of the blog, just to motivate you to share your knowledge by this kind platform, selflessly, regularly, without any other goal than sharing useful information that does not exist or is difficult to find on the Internet. 

Of course, an amount of the visitors or viewers must be bots, but any case for me are very big numbers.

I am sorry because I rarely have enough time to answer comments, but like I wrote before, I use this blog as a notebook on the Internet which if it can help others, much better.

Just wish you success in your scopes, and keep doing whatever you do because you never know what and when the fruits of your work will come to you…


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IBM and SpaceX together in the same news

Grab your coffee and get ready to browse through the content we curated for you – you’ll find out how SpaceX has launched IBM & Red Hat technology to space, watch a video on quantum computing, listen to a podcast about the use of AI in advertising, learn how to create fractal art with Qiskit, and more.

Automation in the Advertising Industry is the topic of this episode where Jerry is joined by David Mitchell, the CTO at VMLY&R – A global brand and customer experience agency:

What is a Quantum Computer? How is it different from traditional computing? Our colleague, Jessie, explains the five key elements of a quantum computer and its implications.

IBM and Red Hat Technology Launch to Space

IBM and Red Hat have teamed up with EnduroSat to provide developers and students around the globe with a fast and easy way to process space data even before getting it back to the ground. The collaboration is part of Project Endurance, which aims to make space exploration more accessible.


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Is your rechargeable USB battery AA not working? Wait, there may be life after the dead…

Problem: when is charging, connected to USB port battery, its light is always blue. But Multi-meter shows 0V, no energy.

Solution, 2 actions:

I hope this will work for you and avoid unnecessary rubbish and a failed bought 🙂


  • Step 1: Take a power supply and connect negative to negative of the USB battery, select a higher voltage than 1.2V, like double, 2.4V in the selector. Then, with the positive terminal of the power supply, do quick contacts to the positive of the battery: like «during 1st second touch, during next 2nd second not touch, 3rd second touch,…like this during 10 seconds». Now take the Multi-meter and test that your battery already resurrected and gives 1.2-1.3V or so. If still is 0.0V, repeat the process.
  • Step 2: Now, during 30 seconds leave connected the power supply to your battery. After this, you can plug-in your battery to an USB port. In my case it was some seconds in blue, then one or two in red, and again in blue. I left the batteries the whole night plugged-in and in the next day I already could use it normally, like if the years did not pass when I left them in the closet abandoned.

P.D. Before to both previous steps I already tried to leave them in the freezer during a night. I had 4 batteries like the ones of the photos, one of them still was perfect after several years without use, the other three were dead (In the status I mentioned previously) and with these two steps I resurrected all of them. Now they seems to work as first day.

(Thanks to this Youtube channel where I found this solution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6SiRv9k_Y8)

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Stellarx implements a functionality to claim at once several token payments.

After many weeks claiming hundred of tokens one by one in Stellarx, finally it has been implemented a «claimer» functionality which does 20 per time at once automatically swapping all into AQUA tokens. Not sure if it is needed to have previously AQUA tokens in STAKE, or just Stellar does like that. Anyway, a great advance!

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