Add graphic card 16x to a Dell PowerEdge T310 Systems and play games in a powerfull and robust server device

Do you have a old server which has not slot for a graphic card? The CHIPAL VER-006C adaptor I bought solved that for me:

The CHIPAL vertical card VER006C PCI-E extensor 006C PCIE 1X- o 16X of 60CM-100CM Cable made possible to plug my ASUS R7240-2GD3-L Radeon R7 240 2 GB GDDR3 into a Dell PowerEdge T310 Systems. So I reused this robust and high quality device into an usable PC (In my opinion very durable one, because the chassis box quality is not even comparable to a normal or modded PC- BOX)

Also I connected it to a Apple Cinema Display 27″, what is another old device which a normal user could just waste it throwing to the garbage.

What difficulties I have had to solve?

I have needed a VGA monitor to start. Dell PowerEdge T310 has integrated in motherboard a graphic card very simple using VGA connector and its BIOS detects the CHIPAL adaptor but it will not use it to show BIOS program. Dell BIOS does not use CHIPAL during the boot, but CHIPAL adaptor is recognised by this. In first photo it is the BIOS before plug-in the CHIPAL, and in the second the BIOS after CHIPAL is connected. In the rest of the photos is visible the integrated graphic card in motherboard (Matrox) and the graphic card plugged into Chipal adapter (ATI).

After W10 recognised and configured CHIPAL+GRAPHIC CARD+2nd Display I could unplug VGA Monitor.

So right now I am testing some games to check if the connection PCI-E 1x to 16X does an important «bottle-neck» or is is affordable detail. After finishing probably I will update this post.


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