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Often I am only interested in writing posts in this blog mainly as I would write texts in a notebook as important information for myself, which can be accessible by me from the Internet in order to let me consult it from everywhere.

But if it can be useful for any user like you, then I am much happier.

I am not interested in the stats of the number of visitors, because if an unique post is useful for a unique user, I am already more than satisfied. But as an exception in this post, I want you to see the yearly visitors of the blog, just to motivate you to share your knowledge by this kind platform, selflessly, regularly, without any other goal than sharing useful information that does not exist or is difficult to find on the Internet. 

Of course, an amount of the visitors or viewers must be bots, but any case for me are very big numbers.

I am sorry because I rarely have enough time to answer comments, but like I wrote before, I use this blog as a notebook on the Internet which if it can help others, much better.

Just wish you success in your scopes, and keep doing whatever you do because you never know what and when the fruits of your work will come to you…


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