Is your rechargeable USB battery AA not working? Wait, there may be life after the dead…

Problem: when is charging, connected to USB port battery, its light is always blue. But Multi-meter shows 0V, no energy.

Solution, 2 actions:

I hope this will work for you and avoid unnecessary rubbish and a failed bought 🙂


  • Step 1: Take a power supply and connect negative to negative of the USB battery, select a higher voltage than 1.2V, like double, 2.4V in the selector. Then, with the positive terminal of the power supply, do quick contacts to the positive of the battery: like «during 1st second touch, during next 2nd second not touch, 3rd second touch,…like this during 10 seconds». Now take the Multi-meter and test that your battery already resurrected and gives 1.2-1.3V or so. If still is 0.0V, repeat the process.
  • Step 2: Now, during 30 seconds leave connected the power supply to your battery. After this, you can plug-in your battery to an USB port. In my case it was some seconds in blue, then one or two in red, and again in blue. I left the batteries the whole night plugged-in and in the next day I already could use it normally, like if the years did not pass when I left them in the closet abandoned.

P.D. Before to both previous steps I already tried to leave them in the freezer during a night. I had 4 batteries like the ones of the photos, one of them still was perfect after several years without use, the other three were dead (In the status I mentioned previously) and with these two steps I resurrected all of them. Now they seems to work as first day.

(Thanks to this Youtube channel where I found this solution:

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