Have you headphones stopped working? Look at this

It was just a unsoldered cable!

I was using my headphones connected to the laptop meanwhile I was mounting some structure by hand in my desktop…when without pretending it, I accidentally yanked the cord of my headphones. It was not very strong, but enough to be worried about some damage. I was right, the left headphone did not do any sound…first time in their life of about 15 years that have an issue…pity.

Obviously I had not any experience repairing headphones (Well, yes with the big ones which cover fully the ear, just disassembling the headphone and using tin and soldering), but I decided to try.

My first doubt was how to detect the point of break. If he right one worked normally I wanted to believe in that the female jack was good for both earphones, and mostly because if I would start opening the jack I would break it. So I thought about the left cable and the left headphone. I checked by hands the left cable how I could, and I did not see a broken point…so I decided to disassemble the left headphone to find some error. And voilá, one of two cables inside was not connected to the electronic board.

Solution: I soldered the unconnected cable with many difficulties (it was very thin and small cable), and after assemble the headphone again I plugged to my laptop in order to check my success…I have gotten it, it was working again….I almost could not believe it…I did it!

So, I share with you some pictures in order to help to you in case you have a similar case:

Good luck repairing yours! Just keep trying it and you will get it!

(I know this post is not exactly related with computers…but I had to save a note about how to solve this to help my memory in future similar cases)

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