About Quantum Computing…finally there’re here…programming languages! Wait, or…is it just python using a (quantical) server?

I write this post because til now, there were some news about Quantum Computers and its physics structure, what it is very interesting, but far from my hands (Although some internet data transference already go through these kind of servers nowadays). But lately came to me information about programming quantical languages, so this already deserved a note in this platform.

Ah, and also share the idea about that the user will not have a computer like this at home or at office. (Although who knows in a future…))

Inside Quantum Computer

IBM’s Qiskit Quantum Programming Languaje: 

First slide shows how to create the quantum circuit that creates an entangled Bell pair and measures it in Qiskit — it is necessary the qiskit and qiskit_ionq python packages installed before you begin.

Second shows how previous code prints out the nice looking circuit.

Third slide shows how to run this circuit on an IonQ Quantum Processing Unit (QPU for short), you need to first get the QPU backend from the IonQ Provider

Forth slide is about sending the job to run on the qubit and waits for the job to be run from the queue of jobs on the IonQ service.

There are other languages for quantum, like the Q# of the miserable Microsoft, Braket from Amazon, Cirq by Google, and others like Pennylane, ProjectQ, Pytket, XACC

I hope it was interesting and helpful for your start with this topic.

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