How to repair a phone stand brand REMAX with threaded ring broken?

This post will help to you if your phone stand is unable to keep the smartphone in the position you want because this part is broken:

Solution: find a hose clamp (in my case 18-32 mm of diameter) and place it like this:

END. If you arrived until here you already could fix your stand. Then, congratulations.

To know more:

My story starts when being in the bed watching or hearing something, having the smartphone hold by the phone stand, the position I want for the phone is not stable and I try to tight the threaded ring with too much strength. I break it. I tried to fix it with tape, cable tie, duct tape, glue, super glue…with no luck. I gave up maybe a year ago or so, until yesterday I had the brilliant idea of a hose clamp.

I bought the cheapest hose clamp, the minimum units:

The model of my phone stand is: Remax RM-C21-detachable 360 rotación Flexible long arm. But I have seen same piece in another stand brands so, if same piece is broken you could fix it in the same way

I hope this information have been useful for you and you have managed to fix it in less time than me (I have had my stand broken and without use during a year more or less!).

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