Aupa ITER Organization!

In this blog I only share my experiences about informatics in order you to take advantage of them (And sincerely, also to remember how I repaired or did something and not to get crazy looking again in Internet how to do it for second time.)

This post is an exception, and I want to share with you my interest for the ITER Organization. In Cadarache, France, it is being built a Fusion Reactor by so many countries, working all together, well coordinated, with same scope of producing sustainable cleaner energy.

But what takes more my attention is something I never saw before in speeches of companies, governments and other organizations in TV, newspapers, radio and mass media (Maybe because there was not Youtube and Internet like nowadays) It is the opened way they are explaining to all of us what they are doing, step by step, from human to human, with sincerity, honesty, calm and naturalness. There is not greediness, selfishness, internal rivalry…it is just a group of people looking for a benefit for the humanity.

Although in some way, it can be a very scary project…the temperature of the sun in the earth…and does not matter is you are living close or far of France, if Tokamak farts every living being will notice it. The question is if there would be a second fart.

Any case I just paste my favourite speeches I watched till now for you:


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