Why actually is updatable and automatically the BIOS from the OS with Internet?

I remember when the BIOS was difficult to update and user or administrator rarely did because it was not necessary (Why nowadays yes?!). Since I got my last laptop and I replaced Windows with Ubuntu (OS in which Richard Stallman recommended to not to trust. Yes, Ubuntu, yes) And then it is when I could not believe it, I have common and scary proposition updates of the BIOS throw Ubuntu Software. Unluckily I am more used to this nowadays, but with this post I want to denounce (ha ha ha, to who?! :D) that something smells very bad. In the last update there is a phrase like:

This stable release fixes the following issues:
• Update Intel ME Firmware to address security advisories INTEL-SA-00125 (CVE-2018-3655) & Intel-SA-00131 (CVE-2018-3643 CVE-2018-3644)
• Fixes a potential issue of system not responding when an incorrectly formatted password is entered at the BIOS preboot password prompt.
• Fixed the Windows Calculator will be launched unexpectedly by pressing «Left+Up+Down» arrow keys.
• Update CPU microcode to address security advisory Intel Security Advisory INTEL-SA-00115 (CVE-2018-3639 & CVE-2018-3640).
• Update Intel ME firmware to address security advisories INTEL-SA-00112 (CVE-2018-3628 CVE-2018-3629 CVE-2018-3632 ) & INTEL-SA-00118(CVE-2018-3627).


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